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It is time to get healthy again. To lose weight and keep it off. To feel amazing. To regain your balance and live the life you deserve.

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Proven all-natural methods to balance your hormones and feel empowered again for a healthy life.

Online courses

Designed to teach you how to live a holistic life, with a focus on balancing your hormones  for women.   We offer a range of courses to help you live better and become more fulfilled in life.

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Join an on-line community of like minded women who are looking to balance their hormones naturally. We offer a massive database on all things hormone, hosting live hangouts, video chats and support on the boards. We strive for accountability, balance, fun and growth.

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One-on-One Wellness Programs

The ultimate protocol and program for women's health and hormone balance, specifically designed for women 35-70+ years of age. No matter where you are in your life or what your goals are, this program is crucial for your overall well-being.

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Hi, I'm Dr Felecia Sumner, and I help women with hormonal imbalance learn how to advocate for themselves in the doctor’s office and naturally improve their symptoms so they can shed the extra weight, get back their energy and happy mood, and give back to this world at their fullest potential!!!πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ˜‰


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Your Holistic Life

In this 5-day online course, you’ll learn how to use natural products and lifestyle changes to improve your health, boost energy, heal symptoms naturally, relieve stress and anxiety, and more.

Take back control of your life. Learn more about how you can start changing your life today.

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The Naturally Balanced Woman Inner Circle - enrollment starts soon!!

Join a community of like-minded women seeking to improve their health with holistic/natural strategies. Be empowered to ask the right questions at your next doctor's appointment. Gain wellness coaching from a renowned board-certified functional medicine and family medicine physician. Tap into the minds of experts from across the world passionate about empowering you and improving your state of wellness.

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Holistic Protocols

Access protocols utilized by board-certified functional medicine practitioner, Dr Felecia Sumner, if you're looking to being your wellness journey in a "DIY" fashion.

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What can you expect from The Naturally Balanced Woman Inner Circle?

We’re a group of women dedicated to prioritizing ourselves, balancing hormones naturally, and advocating for the best medical care for ourselves and our families. If you’re interested, sign up to join the waiting list…I’m only opening spots for a limited period of time!

Weekly meal plans & recipes

Your membership includes super tasty (yet healthy) recipes with meal plans, shopping/pantry lists for every week, so you can avoid the last-minute junk foods. Meal plans that will help you lose weight and balance your hormones without feeling hungry!

Exclusive membership access and perks

Access to our engaging tools that will empower you to live your best self. Enjoy all the privileges of an Inner Circle membership in a private Facebook group. You will have access to exclusive content on a regular basis, group wellness coaching calls with a board-certified functional medicine physician, access to expert guest speakers on wellness, and much more!

Learn and improve at your pace

You’ll have ongoing access to monthly modules and coaching calls that will continue to build at a pace that’s beneficial towards achieving optimal health but is respectful of your busy schedule. Access, learn, and inquire when the time is right for you.

The Naturally Balanced Woman Inner Circle


My most popular offering

  • Offered nationwide
  • Have Dr Sumner as your wellness coach and strategist
  • Monthly group coaching calls
  • Weekly meals, shopping lists, and recipes
  • Nutrition and supplement program
  • Discounted additional consults with Dr Sumner
  • Email and text support to Dr Sumner and her team
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Membership means exclusive access.


Online monthly modules, PDFs for quick reference, Facebook groups and live coaching calls. The Inner Circle membership will provide incredible educational value. Looking to change your lifestyle, balance hormones, have more energy, improve your overall health? Then this is the program is for you.

Janet Johnson

"After working with Dr Sumner, I have my LIFE back!"

Aimee Right

"Dr Sumner teaches so much about health but somehow also manages to make it FUN! I feel blessed that we’ve crossed paths.”

Jamie Sonet

"Dr Sumner’s guidance gave me the confidence to ask my own doctor the right questions and I’m finally starting to get on track with my health after over 15 years.”

Jalissa Edwards

"I didn't care about my health much before seeing Dr Sumner, but I've discovered so much since then and I'm glad to be on a better walk then ever before."

Barbara Morris

“It wasn’t particularly easy to make healthier changes, but with the support of the other ladies in the circle and Dr Sumner’s guidance, I feel so much happier, energetic, snd the weight is coming off.”

Angie Birman

"I never thought getting fit could be so fun! Dr Sumner has a gift at educating and empowering you to improve your health. She’s the perfect balance of compassion and tough love.”

Be empowered and be WELL - Whole, Energized and Loving Life! 

You don't have to be a wellness enthusiast to get started.  You just have to be ready and willing to make a change. There is NO better time than today. I'd be honored to partner with you in this wellness journey. 

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